Apr 12 2017

Standing Guard

While minors are generally protected and cared for by their parents, there are times when a child may need a separate...

Apr 05 2017

Get It In Writing

A written contract is considered to be more ironclad than an oral contract because it not only contains a promise mad...

Apr 03 2017

No Contest

Some individuals might attempt to contest a will in probate court. If they choose to do so, they may challenge the wi...

Apr 11 2016

Small Claims or Landlord/Tenant Issues? We can help!

Need help with your small claims case or a tenant/landlord dispute? Our office can guide you through the process for ...

Mar 28 2016

A Different Kind of Law Firm

The Pruitt Law Offices S.C. is a different kind of law firm. We provide free consultations to all of our clients, and...