Mar 02 2015

Pre-Marital Agreements

Pre-Marital agreements and post-marital agreements together wtih estate planning can be drafted with the Pruitt Law O...

Feb 09 2015

Real Estate Handling at the Pruitt Law Office

Real estate Offers to Purchase for buyers or sellers can be drafted quickly for clients needing legal representation....

Feb 02 2015

Guardianships and Protective Placement at the Pruitt Law Office

Guardianships and Protective Placement cases are handled in a sensitive manner for all clients. Learn about this proc...

Jan 26 2015

LLC and Corporation Law at the Pruitt Law Offices

Start your LLC or Corporation with a law firm that offers free consultations and flat rate fees. Make sure your bylaw...

Jan 19 2015

Pruitt Law Offices Can Handle Criminal Cases

An experienced criminal law attorney as been added to the Pruitt Law Offices. Attorney Sally A. Hoelzel combines her ...