Sep 27 2017

Putting Children First

Divorcing couples with children must make important decisions in their efforts to put their children first. A “parent...

Sep 20 2017

What Will You Leave Behind?

Despite the fact that we are all well aware of the inevitability of death, only approximately 55 percent of Americans...

Sep 13 2017

Become Debt Free

Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is usually quicker than Chapter 13 and allows most debtors to keep all or most of the...

Sep 06 2017

Without Further Delay

Many individuals seek to avoid the costly and lengthy delays so often associated with “probate,” which is the legal p...

Aug 30 2017


“Hearsay” is a word we have all heard and probably used, but what does it really mean? “Hearsay” is a statement made ...