Single Minded Determination

In Wisconsin unmarried partners cannot make medical and financial decisions for one another without signed authorization. Thus, it’s very important that singles select someone they want to act for them financially by signing legal documents that give him or her a general and durable “power of attorney.” To ensure that singles will get the medical care they want, they need a health-care power of attorney.  These simple documents will avoid the need for a guardianship of the estate and person in the court system, a costly and unnecessary result.  Every relationship is unique, and it is up to unmarried couples to establish their own guidelines, within the letter of the law, for situations such as those discussed here. The experienced attorneys here at Pruitt Law Offices S.C. understand the legal obstacles unmarried couples may face, and they know what is required to protect their legal interests going forward. For this or any other legal matter, call 262-633-8301 to arrange a free consultation. Our office is at 731 Main St. Your partners for professional service.