Open Adoption

Adoption can take many forms. Adopted children may be local or come from another country; they may be relatives, family friends, or strangers. The traditional or “closed” adoption process involves keeping the record of the biological parent(s) secret, at least while the child is a minor. This type of proceeding is typically used when the child is placed for adoption through a child welfare agency and the biological parents and adoptive parents are not known to each other. An “open adoption” process allows some degree of contact between the adoptive parents and the birth parents both before and after the adoption. An open adoption may also include contact between the adopted child and his or her birth parents. Some adoptive parents may meet the birth parents only once before the child’s birth, while others may agree to participate in an ongoing relationship. Birth parents might meet and choose the adoptive parents. In each case, the participating parties do what they perceive to be the best course to follow for all concerned. It is up to the families to work out the details of an open adoption. Enlisting the services of an attorney helps those participating in an open adoption to properly delineate the terms of the agreement and specify the rights of each party. For any type of adoption, it is advisable to engage the services of an attorney who understands all aspects of adoption law. The attorneys at Pruitt Law Offices S.C. specialize in handling adoptions. We can answer your questions and provide sound advice to protect both the adoptive parents and the adopted child. Our goal is to help you to achieve the most beneficial arrangement for you and your new family member. We are conveniently located at 731 Main St. Call us at 262-633-8301 to set up a consultation. Your partners for professional service.