Confidential Relationship

A rule called “attorney-client privilege” imposes strict restrictions regarding information a client tells an attorney. You should feel free to tell your attorney everything you know. This provision encourages clients to reveal all the potentially damaging information that they have, so that their attorneys are fully prepared. It is what a client does not tell his or her attorney that often proves to be most damaging to the case. It is part of an attorney’s job to anticipate potential problems and develop legal tactics that counter or explain them. Without all the necessary information, this ability may be compromised. It is unfortunate that divorcing spouses are not always honest or forthcoming during divorce negotiations. It is essential to engage an attorney who has the knowledge and experience to look out for your best interests. The attorneys at Pruitt Law Offices have years of experience in divorce cases. Call our office at 262-633-8301 to schedule a consultation. We will work hard to get you a fair settlement, and we will stand with you so that you don’t have to face the process alone. We are located at 731 Main Street. Your partners for professional service.