A Matter Of Will

Failure to draw up a will leaves your survivors facing the prospect of having your property distributed under the state’s laws, which are strict in their distributions. Individuals who die without wills are said to have died intestate. Each must face the fact that those who die without having wills are, in effect, granting the state the right to draw up their wills for them. To exert complete control over the matter of how your estate will be distributed, get your will drafted. An estate planning lawyer can answer your questions about wills and other estate plans. He or she can also explain applicable estate laws to you and help you to create a will that fits your needs and reflects your intentions. For this or any other legal issue, please call 262-633-8301 to set up a free consultation. Pruitt Law Offices S.C. is located at 731 Main Street in Racine.  We are your partners for professional service.